1453 8 fast fixes for common Chrome OS problems
8 fast fixes for common Chrome OS problems

8 fast fixes for common Chrome OS problems

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Chromebooks are supposed to be simple, hassle-free systems — computers that are free from the complications of their Windows and Mac cousins. And by and large, they live up to that expectation.

But, well, they’re still computers. And no matter how many traditional operating system headaches Google’s Chrome OS may eliminate, it’s still bound to have its share of occasional quirks and challenges.

As someone who’s both covered and used Chrome OS since its start — and fielded countless questions from the Chromebook-owning masses — I’ve seen it all. And so here, to complement the Android problem-solving guide I put together last month, I’ve assembled some of the most common complaints I hear about Chromebooks and the simplest solutions I suggest in those scenarios.

Hang onto it as a reference for the future — for your own personal troubleshooting and/or the times you’re taking on the timeless role of tech support — and get ready for more delightfully hassle-free days.

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