3109 BrandPost: Getting the Most Out of Your Computing Investments

BrandPost: Getting the Most Out of Your Computing Investments

You’ve invested heavily in a range of desktops, laptops, and tablets for your employees, with a single goal: promote productivity. However, buying devices is only the first step. You can’t reach productivity goals unless all your employee devices remain in not only good, but top working condition.

Keystrokes met with spinning wheels only frustrate users, as do keys that don’t do what they should, hard drives that fail, displays that burn out, and all manner of other potential device-related perils to user productivity.

IT groups trying to deliver on strategic corporate initiatives struggle to keep up with such maintenance issues under the best of circumstances. Now, with so many of these devices at home with their owners, or with students learning from home, the job is even more complex and challenging.

What IT groups need is a partner to relieve some of the burden by taking on tasks related to day-to-day user support to ensure users continually enjoy positive computing experiences, and remain productive contributors to businesses.

The good news is advanced analytics capabilities are emerging to help. Predictive maintenance platforms can continually monitor devices, establish a performance baseline, and raise a flag when performance begins to stray from that norm; for example, perhaps a hard drive is showing signs of impending failure or a laptop’s battery is nearing end of life, threatening to hamper productivity.

HP Care Packs: IT’s Support Partner

These are the types of issues HP can identify through its Care Pack offerings. Care Packs are packages of HP services through which HP technicians help IT groups effectively deal with everyday issues that can hamper user performance.

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HP’s newest Care Pack, Active Care, takes advantage of the HP TechPulse platform to remotely monitor user device health. It can identify performance problems even before users notice them, and automatically create support requests to remedy those issues.

Combining Active Care with other Care Packs can provide the coverage you need to ensure certified HP technicians quickly address any issues. With HP Next Business Day Onsite Service, for example, you can select the coverage window that’s the best fit for your business, including next-day on-site.

“Onsite” can mean anywhere, including employees’ homes in 170 countries. Technicians observe all local COVID-19 precaution standards, always ensuring safe, contactless experiences, such as by performing repairs in their vans. Users also may opt to have HP send a box for a fast pickup-and-return repair.

Active Care also is available with the HP Accidental Damage Protection Service Care Pack, which offers protection for accidental damage to computing devices. With employees and students working from home, devices are subject to all sorts of accidental damage, from an overanxious pet to a spilled cup of sticky juice. Again, HP technicians can repair or replace devices to quickly get users back up and running — and productive.

If you’re looking for some day-to-day help in ensuring your users remain productive, HP stands ready to team with you. For more information, check out our Care Pack solution brief.

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