Microsoft made available on October 15 to Insider testers in the Beta and Release Preview channels a new Windows 11 test build, 22000.282. That build includes a number of fixes, including one for AMD CPU issues, and another for a problem resulting in some people seeing the old Windows 10 taskbar instead of the new Windows 11 one.

AMD and Microsoft both acknowledged that some users were seeing performance degradation when running Windows 11 on PCs with certain AMD processors. The problem affected games most severely, but also other compute-intensive workloads. The problem was attributable to both an L3 caching issue and a “preferred” core problem which was hindering the way thread scheduling worked on a processor’s fastest core.

Build 22000.282 fixes an L3 caching issue that could affect performance of devices with AMD Ryzen processors running the RTM release of Windows 11, the Microsoft release notes say. The new build doesn’t addressed the preferred core part of the problem, however.

The Microsoft release notes also say this build fixes an issue resulting in some people not seeing the new centered taskbar design in the RTM release of Windows 11.

There are numerous other fixes listed in the release notes for this new build. Microsoft and AMD said the fix for the AMD processor issue should be made available to mainstream users running Windows 11 before the end of October.

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