8096 The 5 best smart bathroom scales

The 5 best smart bathroom scales

At a glance

The Withings Body+ Scale is packed with features and at an affordable price when compared to other similar models. It is Wi-Fi compatible and syncs with more than 100 different health and fitness apps, like Fitbit and Google Fit. If you have an Apple Watch, it syncs with that, too, using Apple Health for tracking. 

Reporting is fantastic, with several stats that include the following:

  • Body fat 
  • BMI
  • Water percentage
  • Muscle and bone mass

Athletes are sure to enjoy Athlete Mode, a specialized bonus feature for those who like to stay fit. There is also a built-in Pregnancy Tracker for users who are expecting, plus a baby mode to help after your new bundle of joy arrives. With its exclusive Health Mate, the scale focuses on full body composition, studying your body and movements to provide tailored health insights specifically for your needs. It offers what it calls real-world impact, immediately showing the consequences of poor decisions when you make changes to your daily routine. 

Pros & cons 



  • Simple to operate
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Pregnancy, athlete, and baby modes
  • Limited number of users
  • Pricey


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