The focus for August's Patch Tuesday? Printing
The focus for August's Patch Tuesday? Printing

The focus for August's Patch Tuesday? Printing

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This month Microsoft offered up a relatively light Patch Tuesday, rolling out 44 patches for its Windows, Office, and development platforms.

The focus for August is squarely on the Windows printing updates (CVE-2021-34481 and CVE-2021-36936) due to active exploits and public disclosures. Unfortunately, these critical and urgent Windows patches are paired with a number of difficult-to-test updates to the Windows networking stack, the NTFS file system, and core graphics system components (GDI). We recommend that you urgently patch Windows systems and then test and deploy your Office, browser, and development patches according to a standard release schedule.

This month we have included some key testing scenarios for Windows, Office and .NET. to support a more focused testing regime for these releases.

Though we generally do not have to worry about Azure when considering enterprise update impact, this month Microsoft addressed a vulnerability for Azure AD Connect (CVE-2021-36949). In addition to this update, Microsoft published detailed technical steps that should further harden your system.

You can find more information about the risks of deploying these Patch Tuesday releases in this infographic.

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